Meet Our Partners: Kollaras

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Miasa works closely with a variety of business partners all over the world to help us get our saffron products into the hands of our customers. In Australia and South East Asia, that partner is Kollaras.

Who is Kollaras?
Kollaras & Co is an Australian wholesale distributor that works with businesses all over the world. With decades of experience and expertise, they’re an ideal partner for us in our mission to making our star-product, our saffron liqueur, available in their region.

A family owned enterprise
In the 1960s, Kollaras started its journey as a family-owned fruit shop in Wollongong. Diversifying over time, the business grew and developed, and the family applied their logistical and business acumen to reinvent the business as a wholesaler. Generations of unified leadership and a cohesive long-term vision has allowed the business to build a reputation for excellent and consistent performance. Now led by the third successive generation of the Kollaras family, the company is a globally recognised distributor of beverages and tobacco products.

More than just a distributor
Miasa works closely with Kollaras, who has proven to be an indispensable partner. More than just a logistical service, Kollaras & Co is also a brand builder and strategic partner. Their experience and familiarity with their target markets and expert use of tested multi-channel retailing provides partners with unparalleled access to consumers, and makes them a key partner for our efforts in the region.

Our vision
At Miasa, our mission is to make world-class saffron and saffron products available to anyone in the world. To do that effectively, we need the support of our expert partners. With Kollaras’ support, we’re one step closer to making our dream a reality.