Lena Hoschek Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15

Saffron colors on runways around the world

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The fine saffron spice doesn’t just refine many dishes; The saffron colors is beautiful, rich, yellow colour also fires up the imagination. This inspiration can be seen in couture as well as cuisine: we found saffron shades in the current collections at the fashion weeks of New York, Istanbul, Berlin and Madrid.

At the last Berlin fashion week, Designer Lena Hoschek showed off lace in dark saffron shades as well as saffron-coloured Vintage flower patterns, adorning her feminine skirts and dresses. Her colleague Anja Gockel also sent a model dressed in an elegantly shimmering dress in dark saffron shade onto the catwalk.

Anja Gockel Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15 Lena Hoschek Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15

In New York a saffron yellow skirt was combined with gold and black and an evening dress designed in saffron yellow; on the catwalk in Istanbul the radiant yellow shade was used to embellish flowing fabrics. And at the Madrid Fashion Week a fully fringed leather jacket was actually draped in saffron yellow.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 - Official Coverage - Best Of Runway Day 7 Fashion Week Instanbul

Hardly surprising: saffron’s a warm and sophisticated shade that lifts your spirits. The much sought-after Berlin designer Malaikaraiss included a woollen jumper in radiant saffron yellow, and combined it with shiny trousers in the same shade, in her lookbook, and shows – quite incidentally – that yellow saffron shades suit even pale, red-haired models. Also fashion labels like Levi’s or Weekday are betting on saffron as a trend shade in their collections – for men as well as women. So, saffron will be making its way into hipster wardrobes as well.

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Our styling tip: fashion in yellow saffron shades looks especially beautiful when combined with spicy colours like curry and cinnamon. But it also goes marvellously well with jeans – whether the “dark blue” or faded variety. In particular, brunette ladies with darker complexions suit the yellow saffron shades well. The saffron hues are very popular with designers, particularly in summer and autumn. Be inspired by our fashion week and lookbook images! Our accessory tip: heavy gold jewellery worn with saffron shades looks especially stylish.

Of course, saffron can also be used to dye fabrics: a practise common in Greece as much as 3600 years ago. Saffron was also used to create manuscripts which appeared to have been written with gold ink. Fortunately, nowadays, we no longer have to dig out the dye bucket, if we want to drape ourselves in saffron. We can simply click through the designers’ collections – whilst enjoying the exclusive Miasa saffron in a delicious dish or drink!

Photos: Mercedes-Benz Fashion & PR (for Mailakairaiss: Cathleen Wolf)