Saffron oyster duet: a pure treat with Miasa at KaDeWe

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The oyster special to the start of the oyster saison at the Berlin luxury department store delights the senses at the moment, exclusively featuring Miasa saffron. Each month, head chef Leander Roerdink-Veldboom creates new culinary delicacies for the popular delicatessen department’s counters. This time, he wows customers with an exquisite Saffron oyster duet: French oysters filled with fresh rocket, pear and toasted pine nuts, cooked au gratin with a fine, creamy saffron sauce.


“The culinary experience combining the oysters with saffron is absolutely genius,” enthuses Roerdink-Veldboom. “The mild aroma of the saffron, combined with the salty, at times nutty, taste of the fresh oyster – a pure delight!” The department store visitors agree. “Our customers are consistently positive about this combination, and recommend it to others.”


Roerdink-Veldboom does not just use any saffron for his delicacies. The expert swears by the highest premium quality. “The most important quality feature is the considerably high crocin, which means the colour intensity,” the Department Manager Food Hall & Catering of one of the world’s most exclusive department store explains. “The best saffron from Iran contains more than 260 of crocin extract. Real premium saffron even reaches a level of 270 or 280 – the true top-quality class.” Miasa class I saffron complies with these high requirements, certified by the strict DIN ISO 3632-2 norm. “This saffron features the best colour and the best taste,” according to Roerdink-Veldboom. And offers the best foundation for a true delight at Berlin’s exquisite shopping palace.