Saffron Pasta

Saffron Pasta – a treat free of regret

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Does this sentence sound familiar? “Stay away from pasta, bread and potatoes at night because they contain the carbohydrates that are responsible for weight-gain.”

Low-carb diets have been marketed as miracles for weight-loss in the past years – but this may be a myth! Carbohydrates are valuable sources of energy, and whole-grains supply our bodies with dietary fiber and important vitamins. Steering clear of carbohydrates and a narrow-minded diet plan will cause our health to suffer in the long term. Furthermore, we not only miss out on a balanced supply of nutrients, we also miss out on the enjoyment of delicious foods. Many of us are so challenged with stress in our professional environments that we stay fit – in both our minds and bodies!


The vegan pasta with the X factor

Pasta has, thanks to its rapid and simple preparation, conquered most of our hearts and kitchens. However, even our favorite dishes do require some variation. With our Miasa Saffron Pasta you will get to know Pasta once more, but on a whole other level – with an exotic touch!

The quality of the used ingredients and the traditional production in the Italian region of Lombardy make our Miasa Saffron Pasta to a true feel-good food. Enchanted with our top-of-the-line saffron and the exquisite salt from the Red Sea, our Miasa Saffron Pasta adds the aroma of the orient to a vegan diet.


Boost your fitness

Regardless of which dietary type you belong to – our Miasa Saffron Pasta is just what you need to recharge after a good work out. The high-quality Pasta is low on fats and is rich on energy giving carbohydrates. Thanks to its high content of carbohydrates, you stay satiated and energized, which is especially important for endurance sports. What better way is there, than to treat yourself with a great meal after a good work out? Make sure to add protein rich foods, such as nuts, soy, fish, poultry or meats to our saffron pasta to boost muscle regeneration and growth.
The recipe ideas are of great variaty and suit every type of person. Our Miasa Saffron Pasta is ideally combined with vegetables, fish and seafood, meats, poultry and all types of cheese. We encourage you to try our Miasa Saffron Pasta vegan-vegetarian with zucchini and cherry tomatoes or as a mediterranean dish with prawns, ruccola and roasted pine nuts.