Saffron Illustrations

Illustrations with saffron!

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Berlin Fashion Week is just around the corner, and for this occasion we have asked fashion illustrator and fashion editor, Sarah Catherina Müssig, to draw a couple of fashion illustrations for us – and colour them in with saffron!

Sarah accepted the challenge and swapped the Copics (illustrator pens) for a sachet of Miasa Saffron and a brush. Sarah reports how it went:

“Illustrating with saffron was a totally new experience. I simply mixed a sachet of saffron threads with some hot water in a bowl and started off by testing whether it was even possible to paint with it. I was amazed how easy it was right away: colouring using this precious spice was just like using ink.

The saffron colour could be applied softly or in strong tones, depending on how much water I mixed in. The most beautiful effects can be achieved when using the still wet saffron paint in combination with water colour pens.
Of course I won’t always use saffron to illustrate with from now on, but I was surprised how well it worked and just how versatile saffron is. And with the left over saffron threads I was able to make a delicious meal!”.

For centuries saffron has been known not only for its special taste and versatile health benefits but also as a luxurious colouring agent; in the past, people who could afford to, used saffron to dye textiles. Saffron dye was also used to imitate gold letterings. And as we can see, it can still be used superbly for drawing and painting today!

Do you want to try colouring with natural plant-based dyes, too? The following extracts are available: those who prefer eating our delicious saffron – rather than painting with it – can also use Gardenia extract to achieve the yellow colour. Elderberry offers a beautiful purple tone, and the humble Nettle provides a green colour. Red cabbage gives us a striking blue, and black can be made from vegetable carbon. Enjoy artistically experimenting with vegetable colours!

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Illustrations: Sarah Catherina Müssig