Saffron as an Aphrodisiac

by | July 18, 2014 | All, Beauty & Lifestyle

With its exceptional colour and distinctive flavour, saffron doesn’t just tantalise the senses in food. This luxurious ingredient can even spice up your love life due to its special properties. Even in Ancient Greece, saffron was said to increase sensual desire – especially in women – and used as an aphrodisiac.

Both in traditional Indian medicine, as well as in the Islamic world, the saffron spice is said to increase libido. In Ayurveda, saffron is considered to be one of the most important love spices; traditionally it is added to teas and wines, to sharpen the erotic senses and spark sensual desires.

In fact, the aphrodisiac effects of saffron are now scientifically proven and no longer just hearsay. It even outperforms some of the synthetic substances produced to increase desire. Particularly interesting is a study published in the professional journal “Food Research International”. It now represents one of the most comprehensive and most scientific studies in this field.

Researchers at the university of Guelph in Canadian Ontario not only studied the effects of saffron, but also set up studies of hundreds of other natural and synthetic aphrodisiacs. The in-depth research had both a psychological and physiological background.

The result: whilst many products and substances proved ineffective or even harmful to health, saffron was able to withstand the scientific tests and justify its centuries-old reputation of increasing lust and virility. Both an increase of libido and sexual performance are reflected in the results through consumption of saffron.

The natural active ingredients of saffron can help with erectile dysfunction as well as getting tired love birds back into the mood. And with the added bonus of avoiding common side effects of synthetic remedies such as headaches, muscle pains, cardiovascular or cognitive disorders, as well as dangerous interactions with other medications.

Inspired to seduce the senses? We tell you how you can easily make a natural saffron syrup love potion yourself.

Recipe: Saffron Syrup for the Senses

You need:

• 1l Málaga dessert wine or other sweet wine, such as Grenache sweet wine
• 2 sachets ready-to-use saffron threads from MIASA or 0.5g previously cut saffron threads
• 500g cane sugar
• One coffee filter


Add the saffron threads to the wine and let it soak for about eight hours. Then pour through a coffee filter and remove the threads. Now add the cane sugar and gently simmer and thicken for 12 hours in the liquid (allowing it to reduce up to half the volume). Stir, let it cool: that’s it!